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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I heard that there are sins against the virtue of hope. What are those sins?

A. 1. The sins against the virtue of hope are:

Presumption. The root-malice of presumption is that it denies the supernatural order. It is an attitude or belief based on probability. It is found in he who hopes for salvation by his own efforts without doing anything to deserve it, or for pardon of his sins without repenting of them. It is also found in those who expects God's help without their own efforts.

An example consist of someone who prays very little because he does not see the need of asking God for help.

Despair. This means to lose all hope, to give up as beyond hope or expectation, to be overcome by a sense of futility or defeat. An example is when someone refuses to trust that God will give him the necessary help to save his soul. Another example is someone who does illegal things in business to make more money because he does not trust that God will help him to provide his needs and those of his family. This is a refusal to believe in Divine Providence.

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