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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Some say it is a sin to drink soft drinks because of their sugar content. Others say it is sinful to serve children juices during their meals. And some claim coffee is no good for you because of the caffeine content. Now children are drinking "energy drinks" that are full of sugar and they contain caffeine.

Since our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, is it true that the drinking of these beverages is sinful?

A. 1. The rule regarding drinking beverages should be that everything be done in moderation. While much emphasis is placed on beverages, we hear nothing of those who load their hamburgers with ketchup or those who put ketchup on everything that they eat. Yet we know that ketchup is a concentration of sugar, there being 4 gram of sugar per 17 grams (Heinz). Such means 25% is sugar.

In certain countries, it is common for all family members to drink a small glass of wine with their meal. Such does not lead to intoxication because it is used in moderation.

If one has high blood pressure and drinks a number of coffee cups on a daily basis, such a person is abusing his/her body and he/she is a candidate for a heart attack. Logic dictates that such a person should either discontinue drinking coffee, minimize its daily usage, or substitute to decaffeinated coffee. The same applies for tea.

Most 8 oz energy drinks and 10 oz soft drinks have about 27 grams of sugar. Four grams of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar. 27 grams of sugar (1 can) has about 7 teaspoons of sugar. Such a high concentration of sugar is not recommended in high numbers on a daily basis, especially when it relates to children. The abuse of sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes.

In many grocery stores, 90% of the juices found on their shelves are no different than drinking powdered juices similar to Kool-Aid. They have from 25 to 27 grams of sugar per serving and contain no natural fruit. They are a combination of water, sugar, artificial color, artificial flavour, and chemicals to preserve the aforementioned mixture. The best fruit juices are those that are made from 100% concentrate - just fruits, no added sugar.

Any beverage that contains caffeine, such as some soft drinks, children should not be drinking them. Foreign chemicals are no good for the body of growing children.

Aspertame is a subject of controversy. There are many false claims regarding this artificial sweetener. The fact remains that million of diabetic individuals have been drinking beverages with aspertame for decades and it was not the aspertame that killed them. It was the side effects of the disease.

So is it sinful to drink coffee or soft drinks? Everything must be done in moderation, according to the individual's health. Some can drink one cup of coffee; others cannot. Some can drink one can of regular soft drinks; others can only drink a diet soft drink.

The person who has high blood pressure and drinks regular coffee is no different than the person who is diabetic and drinks soft drinks that contain sugar. These individuals are destroying their bodies. They are suicidal, sinning against the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

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