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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. The school has recently advised all the parents of children of certain age that they must be vaccinated for rubella. It is my understanding that this vaccine is manufactured with the help of fetal cells from aborted babies. What is the teaching of the Catholic Church on this matter? Should parents have their children vaccined if the cultures were prepared from the by-products of abortions?

A. 1. Because in this case the immunization is a direct consequence of the abortion, and not just an indirect effect, such a vaccination is not approved by the Catholic Church. It would be immoral to use a vaccine that one knew was developed in fetal cells, no matter how great the benefit to be procured.

The Catholic Church teaches its members that they can never use the by-products of abortions for any reason at all. By doing so, they promote the mass murder of the innocent.

If Civil Law make such vaccinations mandatory, then the parent are obligated to object in conscience to such immoral means of vaccinating their children.

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