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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I frequently hear people referring to what they call Marian Feasts. What is a Marian Feast?

A. 1. A Marian Feast is a reference to a Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Such Feasts number in the hundreds. What follows are examples of Marian Feasts:

The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
Our Lady of Suyapa,
Our Lady of Saideneida (Damascus),
Our Lady of Fire (Forli, Italy),
Our Lady of Louvain (Belgium),
Our Lady of Grace (or Our Lady of the Bowed Head) (Rome),
Our Lady of the Bells, Cathedral of Saintes (France),
Our Lady of the Dove (Bologna, Italy),
Our Lady of Lourdes (France),
Our Lady of Argenteuil (Paris, France),
Our Lady of Pellevoisin (France),
Our Lady of Bourbourg, Flanders,
Our Lady of Paris (France),
Our Lady of the Thorn (Chalons-sur-Marne, France),
Our Lady of Constantinople (Bari, Turkey),
Our Lady of Laon (Rheims, France),
Our Lady of Good Tidings (Lempdes, France).

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