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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is a Cardinal in the Catholic Church?

A. 1. In summary, in this age, a Cardinal of the Catholic Church is defined as:

- A senior ecclesiastical official (clergy member of high rank or position) of the Roman Catholic Church.

- He usually is an ordained Bishop.

- He is known as a "Prince of the Catholic Church."

- Collectively, he is known as the "College of Cardinals."

- The "College of Cardinals" elects a new Pope when the See of Peter becomes vacant. To them belongs this honour and responsibility.

- Cardinals are expected to attend meetings of the College.

- They are to make themselves available individually or in groups to the Pope if he requests their counsel.

- Most cardinals have additional duties, such as leading a diocese or archdiocese or running a department of the Roman Curia.

- Cardinals are called to assist the Holy Father in the governing of the Catholic Church.

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