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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Can you explain to me why October is the month of the Rosary? Why not May or another month?

A. 1. The dedicating of October as the month of the Rosary can be traced to 1571. At that time, the Catholic Church enjoyed the victory of the Catholic League (an alliance of Spain, Venice, the Papal States, Genoa, Savoy, and Malta) over the forces of the Ottoman Empire who were seeking to take over Italy in an effort to move into the heart of Europe. On October 7, 1571, the great battle was fought and the Catholic League overcame the Ottoman forces.

History tells us that prior to sailing off by ship towards the battle, Pope Pius V prayed the rosary, asking for Our Ladyís intercession towards a victory. Every person aboard the ship carried a rosary. For this reason, as soon as the men returned from the battle, the good pope declared a feast day to Our Lady of Victory. A rosary procession was offered in St. Peterís square after the victory and in time the whole month became associated with the rosary, rather than just one day.

It was not until 1884 that Pope Leo XIII officially established October as the Month of the Rosary. That year, he published the encyclical "Superiore Anno" which focused on the recitation of the holy rosary. In the encyclical, he called for the entire Church to dedicate the entire month of October to the rosary and to pray it daily.

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