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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the meaning of the term "Lectio Divina?"

A. 1. The term "Lectio Divina" is Latin for "divine reading." It is synonym of "spiritual reading" and "holy reading." Lectio Divina represents a a traditional Catholic practice of prayer and scriptural reading intended to promote communion with God with the intent of increasing in the knowledge of God's Word. It is a way of praying with Scripture that calls one to study, ponder, listen and, finally, pray and even sing and rejoice from God's Word, within the soul. There are four steps to divine reading:

1. First, slowly read the Scriptural passages several times.

2. Secondly, meditation is involved. One reflects on the passage, striving to identify in what way God is present in the passage.

3. Next, comes "oratio" or prayer. Using a word or phrase from the scripture, the individual offers it up to God in prayer.

4. Finally comes contemplation. The individual remains silent, accepting Christ's presence and embrace.

Much has been written on this term. By entering the words "Lectio Divina," he who searches can find lots of detailed information on this subject.

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