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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Catholic Missal and what is its purpose?

A. 1. The Roman Catholic Missal (Latin: Missale Romanum) is the liturgical book that contains all the texts and rubrics that are necessary for the celebration of the Holy Mass in the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church throughout the year.

Not all Missals are the same.

You have the "Tridentine / Pre-Vatican II Missals" that is the Extraordinary form of the Mass which is commonly called the Tridentine Rite, Gregorian Rite, The Old Mass, the 1962 Mass, or Pre-Vatican II Mass. Sometimes it will be called simply the “Latin Mass” but this leads to confusion; as the Novus Ordo Mass may also be said in Latin so the term Latin Mass is not explicit enough.

Under this category, you find the "1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal," the "Baronius Daily Missal," the "Saint Joseph Daily 1953 Tridentine Missal," the "New Marian Missal," the" Sacred Triduum Missal," the "Latin-English Tridentine Booklet Missal," the "Latin-Spanish Tridentine Booklet Missal," the "Latin-English Tridentine Requiem Booklet Missal," the "Latin-English Tridentine Wedding Booklet Missal," the "Latin-English 1962 Sunday Booklet Missal" and the "Angelus Press Sunday Missal Booklet."

Then you have the "Novus Ordo /Post-Vatican II Missals," which uses several terms to refer to the current Ordinary form of the Mass. Most common are the terms ‘Novus Ordo’ (‘New Ordinary’ in Latin) and Post-Vatican II Liturgy or Mass. These terms are most common because they more clearly differentiate between the Ordinary and Extraordinary (Tridentine) forms. Also note that in the Novus Ordo, Sunday readings have a three-year cycle (A.B,C) while the weekday has a two-year (I,II) cycle)

Under this category, you find the "New St. Joseph Sunday Missal and Hymnal (annual)," the "Daily Roman Missal," the "St. Joseph Sunday Missal," the "St. Joseph Weekday Missal," the "Gregorian Missal for Sundays," the "Vatican II Sunday Missal," the "Vatican II Weekday Missal," the " Magnificat Magazine – A monthly missal" and the "Word Among Us – This is another monthly missal magazine." Prior to purchasing a Missal, the individual has to decide if he will be attending the Latin or the English (or other language) Mass. Then he has to decide if he will only need the Missal that contains the Sunday Masses or the one that includes the weekly celebrations of the Holy Mass.

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