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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is a Mass Card and what is its purpose?

A. 1. First of all, a Mass Card is also known as a Mass Offering Card or a Remembrance Card. It is a greeting card that is given to someone to let them know that they, or their deceased loved-one, will be remembered and prayed for in the intentions at a Mass.

Example: Anna, Joanne's mother, passed away a year ago. Maria wants to have Joanne's mother remembered and prayed for in the intentions of the Mass on the anniversary date. Maria purchases a Mass Card, offer a donation (Mass Stipend) for the above mentioned intention and then presents the Mass Card to Joanne with the information as to when the Holy Mass will be celebrated for the soul of her mother.

Mass Cards can be obtained from a Christian Book Store, at the local parish, or from some religious Orders that sell them to support their monasteries.

Occasions for offering Mass and giving Mass Cards:

For the repose of a departed soul.

For the repose of a departed soul on a specific anniversary.

Mother's Day.

Father's Day.


For special intentions.

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