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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Can you please explain why some permanent Deacons are married while others are celibate? Also, those who are married, if they are widowed, can they remarry?

A. 1. Depending on the status of a Deacon when he is ordained, such determines if he will be a married Deacon or a celibate Deacon. Those who are married prior to their ordination, remain married afterwards. Those who are celibate at the time of the ordination, they are expected to remain celibate the remaining of their lives.

Those who are married, prior to their ordination, they are informed by their Bishop that should they be widowed at a future date, they are expected to remain celibate the remaining of their lives.

While Deacons are expected to remain celibate once they are widowed, there have been cases where some Deacons have remarried. Usually this is because they were not informed by their Bishop before their ordination that should they become widowed, they will be expected to remain celibate.

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