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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Catholic Church position regarding Mass additions? By that I mean the endless announcement during the Mass, showing movies related to the Bishop's Appeal, reading a Bishop's Letter to the Church, celebrating graduation and the list goes on. From week to week, you don't know what surprise awaits you, if it is after Communion, before the Blessing, a substitute of the homily, or even at the beginning of the Mass.

A. 1. The Liturgy of the Holy Mass is something that cannot be changed. Changes are classifed as Liturgical abuses. No one has the right to add or to delete from it, not even the priests, nor the Bishop. The Liturgy of the Holy Mass, being universal, originates from the Vatican, the only authority that can make changes, if such is possible.

Announcements, fund-raising movies, Annual Bishop's Appeal, Christmas plays, graduation ceremonies, the passing of Diplomas, references to this week's birthdays, all of these should be done outside of the celebration of the Holy Mass. They can be done before the commencement of the Mass or after its completion, without disrupting the time when the service should begin.

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