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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I have been invited to join an interfaith group for women who live in my neighbourhood. The meetings will be held at one of their Churches. This group includes Catholics, Lutherans, Anglican, Baptists, United Church members and possibly a few more. As a Catholic, am I allowed to join such a group and should I join it?

A. 1. You asked two questions. First, are you allowed to join such a group? Secondly, Should you join it? It depends on your knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic faith and your ability to defend them.

While you are free to attend such groups, it does not mean that you should. Most groups of that nature pose a danger to the faith of Catholics who attend because of their lack of knowledge of Catholic teachings. They easily embrace the teachings of other faiths, such teachings opposing Catholic doctrines.

Unless you are well educated in the Catholic faith and you are prepared to defend the Catholic doctrines, including in ecumenic circles, you should avoid at all cost any participation in non-Catholic groups.

Your priority should be to find a Catholic group to join where you can enjoy spiritual growth within the framework of the Catholic Church.

To join non-Catholic groups is synonym to playing with fire. You risk exposing your soul to doctrinal errors and heresies, consequently shipwrecking in your faith.

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