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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. In a marriage, who should be the best friend of the husband or wife? We frequently hear of the male spouse having a male friend as his best friend or vice-versa, the female spouse having a female friend as her best friend. And sometime, we hear of the married male spouse who has someone else's married female spouse as his best friend.

A. 1. In a marriage, the best friend of the man should be his wife and vice-versa. To have or to seek a best friend outside of one's marriage is to play with fire. The moment one begins to confide marriage matters with a best friend outside of the marriage, this leads towards separation, followed by divorce.

Married spouses may enjoy social friends with who they can participate in art, educational studies, recreational activities, and similar constructive outings that lead towards the betterment of the individual. Such activities must be free of "dead time" that often leads to gossip, especially idle talk about one's spouse.

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