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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Church policy regarding visiting priests who come from other Dioceses? Do they need permission to evangelize in Dioceses that they visit?

A. 1. Priests can visit their families during holidays without any restrictions, providing they do not preach and administer the Sacraments without the permission of the local Bishop. Whenever a priest visits a Diocese, he should visit the Bishop's office, make the Bishop aware of his presence, inform him for how long he will be in the Diocese, what is in intention and offer his service if he is capable and willing to do so.

The Bishop is the shepherd of the Diocese; the priests are his assistants. This ensure the good management of the Diocese. All priests within the Diocese are submitted to the Bishop in obedience. This rule applies to visiting priests.

Reporting to a local Bishop provides assurance that visiting priests are in good standing. The Bishop of the Diocese being visited is expected to contact the Diocese of the visiting priest to ensure he is in good standing and/or if there are restrictions to his function as a priest.

Situations have been known where individuals have made claim to be ordained priests when such was not the case. Then there has been situation where priests were removed from their ministry pending legal and/or Church investigations of missing funds, abuse, inappropriate behaviour with a male or female, etc...

Obtaining permission to minister in another Bishop's territory is the proper thing to do. When a priest has the intent to minister at a future date, he should contact the Bishop of the Diocese prior to his visit to introduce himself and obtain permission to minister. This contact should not be made by a third part such as a parent, a relative or a friend who knows the priest.

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