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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Where do I find in the Holy Bible some information about the rapture?

A. 1. You will not find any information in the Holy Bible about the rapture. The rapture is a protestant deception that is intended on keeping them away from the true Church that was instituted by Jesus Christ.

Prior to 1830, the rapture was unheard of. It origin was created by a Church of Scotland minister by the name of Edward Irving. He was the first to preach what is called the "rapture gospel."

Belief in the "secret rapture" doctrine has become so widespread among today's "evangelicals" and "fundamentalists" that many sitting in the pews assume that the teaching dates back to the apostles themselves and the Messiah. The doctrine of the rapture has no basis in fact nor was it ever a teaching of the Messiah, Apostles, or the early movement begun by Messiah.

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