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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Can I drink coffee during adoration? I usually volunteer for adoration after midnight, during which time I feel sleepy. Coffee helps to keep me awake, making this a valid reason to have it.

A. 1. It is greatly disrespectful to eat or drink anything during adoration. It does not mean that because no rule has been written again it that it is permitted. Many draw that conclusion and start new abuses during Catholic worshipping.

If you cannot do Adoration after midnight without your coffee, you have a number of options as follows:

a) You can volunteer for Adoration during the day instead of during the night.

b) You can discontinue your hours of adoration, this ensuring that you will no longer show disrespect towards the Lord Jesus.

c) You can drink your coffee before or after the hour of Adoration.

d) If you volunteer more than one hour of Adoration, you can take a break half way through it, during which time you can leave the Church to go and have your coffee. Drinking or eating during Adoration is totally unacceptable.

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