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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Under what conditions can a member of the Church obtain a Sunday Mass dispensation?

A. 1. That is a very good question because there are many nowadays who will avoid their Sunday obligation for whatever reason they can make up.

a. A member of the Church can obtain a Mass Dispensation because of illness, especially when such an illness is contagious.

b. If there has been a major earthquake on Saturday night and it is unknown if the Church buildings are safe to enter, then a Mass Dispensation may be granted. But, if the Holy Mass is held on the Church grounds or another suitable place on a temporary basis, then the faithful are obligated to attend Holy Mass.

c. If there has been a flood and the Church is under water, a Mass Dispensation is normally granted. But if there is a Church within a few miles and one can go to it without great hardship, then the faithful is obligated to attend Holy Mass.

d. In cases of severe Winter conditions or high winds associated with tornadoes, if one going to Church can place their lives at risk, then a Mass Dispensation is granted to those persons.

e. If one lives in the far remote North, such as the Eskimos, where there are no permanent priest available in the town or within hundreds of miles, than these faithful members are granted a Mass Dispensation.

f. Mass dispensation is not granted when

- one is going camping,
- one is playing sports such as hockey or soccer,
- one is participating in a fund-raising event,
- one wants to sleep in because one was up late the night before,
- one wants to get an early start on a trip out of the city,
- friends or relatives are visiting from out of town,
- the priest is on holidays, sick or on a retreat and parishioners were advised to attend another local Church,
- because you do not like the priest who will be celebrating Holy Mass,
- and other similar reasons.

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