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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. For the children's Mass, can we substitute the Eucharist in the appearance of a host to something more suitable such as regular bread or even sweetened cake?

A. 1. In accordance with Canon Law # 924, the Catholic Church does not permit the substitution of the Holy Eucharist for whatever reason. Communion made from any substance other than unleavened bread, especially those which crumble, may never be used under any circumstances.

The Code of Canon Law States:

# 924 1 The most holy Sacrifice of the Eucharist must be celebrated in bread, and in wine to which a small quantity of water is to be added.

# 924 2 The bread must be wheaten only, and recently made, so that there is no danger of corruption.

# 924 3 The wine must be natural, made from grapes of the vine, and not corrupt.

# 925 Holy communion is to be given under the species of bread alone or, in accordance with the liturgical laws, under both species or, in case of necessity, even under the species of wine alone.

# 926 In the eucharistic celebration, in accordance with the ancient tradition of the latin Church, the priest is to use unleavened bread wherever he celebrates Mass.

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