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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I have a question. At our Church, at the end of the Mass, the priests makes general announcements to the faithful before they leave. These announcements basically consist of reading the entire Sunday Bulletin, sometimes such being as long as eight pages. He goes on and on and on, making us appear as idiots who are unable to read the Sunday Bulletin on our own at home. Making these endless announcements never was part of the Mass in the past. Why has this practice been introduced during the Concluding Rites of the Holy Mass. It has nothing to do with worshipping? I noticed lots of the faithful start walking out of the Church when the general accouncements begin. They do not stay for the final blessing.

A. 1. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal states that during "The COncluding Rites," GIRM # 166. "When the prayer after Communion is concluded, brief announcements to the people may be made, if they are needed."

As you note, it says brief announcements and if they are needed. From what you are describing, those announcements are not brief, nor needed, because they are published in the Sunday Bulletin. The purpose of brief announcements is to mention something that may not be in the Sunday Bulletin, a last minute update on an event, or something like a reminder that the Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast will be held after Mass at the Church Hall.

It has become a common practice in many Churches for the faithful to leave the Church either during the distribution of the Holy Communion or during the General Announcements in "The Concluding Rites." The people are tired of this abuse, when the priest or a speaker makes a 5-10 minutes unnecessary presentation. These presentations could have easily been printed and included in the Sunday Bulletin for the parishioners to read at home at their convenience.

My suggestion is to tell the priest that you do not approve of the abuse of the general announcements that should only be mentioned if they are brief and needed in accordance with GIRM # 166.

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