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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is a Christian? There seems to be so many interpretations of the word Christian.

A. 1. According to Lesson 8 of "Christian Life" by the "Catholic Information Service," "Knights of Columbus" of New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America, a Christian is a follower of Christ. To lead a Christian life means to put into practice and apply to one's conduct the teachings of Christ. These teachings comprise truths to be believed and a code of behavior that depends on or flows from those truths. The primary truth taught by Christ was the fatherhood of God. If a man believes that God is a father to all men, it follows that all men are brothers and must behave toward each other as brothers.

Because a Christian is a "citizen of heaven" to which he aspires, he must not forget that he is a citizen of this world toward which he has duties and responsibilities. To be a Christian is not to deny one's social or economical status in the world. There is a mistaken idea that the duties of a Christian prevent him from entering fully into the life and activity of his fellow men. Hence, there rises the image of Christians who set themselves apart and sometimes in opposition to the rest of men. Christians thus may become critics and faultfinders of everybody who disagrees with what they call Christian principles.

Though it is right for the Christian to disapprove of those who willfully break the laws of God, their disapproval does not mean that they should separate themselves from evil as though it were no concern of theirs. Rather, God has made the Christian his brother's keeper. This is to say that instead of adopting an attitude of moral superiority, the Christian must hold out a helping hand toward all those whose weaknesses and human nature he shares.

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