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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Catholic teaching regarding having blessed objects in the home?

A. 1. The presence of the Crucifix in our Churhces, schools, public buildings, homes and rooms, is no trivial matter for good Christians. It keeps Jesus present in our minds. It recalls the supreme moment of His life when He died for us. It shows to what extent God loves us.

The sight of a sacred object like the crucifix helps us think of our Christian duties and live accordingly. Pious pictures too can help.

It is important to have a crucifix at home. It is like a book telling the story of God's love.

In 787, in Nicaea, an Ecumenical Council defined the cult due to holy immages as an honorable veneration.

Do we not keep photographs of dear ones on our walls and desks? These photographs preserve our love for them. Likewise, the crucifix and pious images help us remember the Lord, the Virgin Mary and Saints. They incite us to pray to them and imitate them.

It is therefore advisable to have a fine crucifix and beautiful religious pictures in our homes! Objects of real artistic value are preferable and they are useful to stimulate devotion.

[Source: "Christian Answers To Your Questions" by Fr. Gerard Desrochers, CSsR; 2001]

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