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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is a Conditional Confirmation?

A. 1. When the Catholic Church cannot prove through Church documents that a certain person was baptized and confirmed, it does a conditional baptism and/or confirmation. That means if the person was confirmed before, then the conditional confirmation is not valid. A person cannot be confirmed twice. But, if the person was never confirmed before, than the conditional confirmation becomes the official confirmation of the person.

When is a conditional confirmation necessary?

When a person decides to get married, he/she must supply proof that he/she was baptized and confirmed. When such proof cannot be found because the person does not remember the name of the Church where he/she was confirmed or the records were destroyed by fire, then the Church implements a conditional confirmation.

The ceremony for the conditional baptism and confirmation is similar to the standard liturgical procedure. Its implementation is simple and fairly quick, without any public announcements, large ceremonies, etc...

Prior to proceding with a conditional confirmation, the pastor must make the necessary arrangements with the Bishop or his delegate.

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