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Frequently Asked Questions
regarding some

See Pope Francis' changes to the annulment process here

Q. 1. What are some of the ground permitted to obtain an Church Annulment to one's marriage?

A. 1. Based on a document published by the spokesperson of the Bishops of France in July 1992, the following are legitimate reasons for the recognition of the invalidity of a marriage:

- absence of internal freedom for the husband or wife,

- force or grave fear imposed from without (Canon 1103),

- lack of intention to get engaged until death,

- exclusion of fidelity or of procreation,

- severe emotional immaturity,

- major impossibility to live in marriage,

- absence of judment,

- psychological and physical incapacity to assume the essential obligation of marriage, and

- deceit or misrepresentation of the person.

Other grounds are:

- existence of a previous marriage bond, and

- certain family ties of consanguinity (both parties from the same ancestor).

For more information regarding the invalidity of a Sacramental marriage, please consult a Catholic priest.

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