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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is Sacramental Grace?

A. 1. Sacramental grace is a grace that one receives as help to carry out the particular purpose of that sacrament, if one receives the sacrament in the right disposition.

In other words, sacramental grace is the grace we receive from valid and fruitful reception of the sacraments. We receive sanctifying grace from baptism, penance, and when needed from anointing of the sick and dying. The sanctifying grace in our souls is always increased when we receive any sacrament in the state of grace. We receive actual grace from all the sacraments, both at the time of reception and at other times when we need divine help. Through sacramental grace the sacramental character is indelibly imprinted on the human soul in baptism, confirmation, and holy orders. Each sacrament also imparts a distinctive sacramental grace based on its particular purpose in the supernatural life of the soul.

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