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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is Purgatory?

A. 1. Without getting into a great amount of details, purgatory can be described as follows:

- The Latin word for Purgatory is "purgare." It means to make clean, to purify.

- Purgatory is the stage of the afterlife where those who have died in the grace of God must spend time expiating their venial faults and forgiven mortal sins before they can enter Heaven to enjoy the Beatific Vision, or presence of God.

- Purgatory is a process of purification or temporary punishment.

- Purgatory is for those who have not fully paid the satisfaction due to their transgressions (sins).

- Some souls, because of their holy condition, go direct to Heaven, bypassing Purgatory.

- Purgatory is not a Protestant belief.

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