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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the Catholic Church teachings regarding the usage of condoms? In our school, they are distributed free of charge to whoever wants some.

A. 1. The Catholic Church has always condemned the usage of condoms, in and outside of the Sacrament of Marriage.

For the youth, the Church recommends sexual education based on self-control, self-respect and abstinence. Preserving one's chastity is of utmost importance. One's sexual organs are God's gift to individuals for the purpose of procreating during the Sacrament of Marriage. What one does with his/her sexual organs is his/her gift to God.

The usage of condoms has never been 100% efficient. In fact, their usage has resulted in endless pregnancies, some leading to abortions. Consequently, those abortions have led to the excommunication of the offenders from the Church as a punishment for the murder of the unborn.

Politicians and school administrations that permit the distribution of condoms in schools under their jurisdiction are a reflection of their immoralily. Those individuals have no values of love, marriage and family. Through the distribution of condoms, they encourage promiscuous behaviour among our youth, authorizing them to enjoy sexual pleasure without responsibility. Such is the pagan way. On Judgement Day, these politicians and school administrators shall be made accountable for all the sins that were committed as a result of their administrative decision.

It is also forbidden to use condoms during one's marriage because such goes against the Divine Will. God commanded our ancestors to go forward and procreate as numerous as the stars. God did not command family planning, the usage of condoms (or any other form of birth control) as a method of controlling the number of births per family. The birth of a child is God's gift to the parents. The usage of condoms during the marriage is an action that stops God from entrusting the parents with the gift of a new soul. Either one is with God or against God. It cannot be both!

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