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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. ? From time to time when reading literature on the Book of Revelation, I come across references to Rome (and the Vatican) being the Babylon referred to in Chapter 18:4-8. The literature urges Catholics to leave the Catholic Church because great evil will befall those who are associated with that Church. Where did all did originate from?

A. 1. When studying the history of christianity, you learn that in the first century, Rome was a place of great brutality and corruption. When John wrote the Book of Revelation, he was referring to the imperial city as the new Babylon. His reference was to the enemies of the Catholic Church, such being the Romans.

Therefore, you should know that when you are reading the Book of Revelation, Chapter 18, versus 4 to 8, those verses have nothing to do with today's Catholic Church. It is a reference to the Roman Empire of the first century.

The enemies of the catholic Church, ignorant of the early Christian Church history and the interpretation of biblical passages, will twist Biblical passages in order to present their own false agenda. Throughout the Church history, Catholics have been attacked, criticized, persecuted and murdered by the thousands. Jesus foretold of this persecution when He said, "As they have persecuted Me, they will persecute you." [John 15:20]

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