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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. With the decrease number of priests in the Catholic Church, I think the Church should seriously consider married priests and women priests as a solution to the Church dilemma. Otherwise, the Catholic Church will fall apart. Don't you agree with me?

A. 1. Let us review the total number of Catholic priests on a worldwide basis since 1985. According to the Vatican, the Catholic Church had the following number of priests:

1985 = 403,480 priests
1995 = 404,750 priests
2000 = 405,178 priests
2005 = 406,411 priests
2007 = 408,024 priests
2008 = 409,133 priests
2010 = 412,236 priests

As you can appreciate, the number of Catholic priests has not been going down over the years on a worldwide basis. In fact, it has been increasing.

If we are to look at the statistics of Catholic priests in the United States, they are:

1965 = 58,632 priests
1975 = 58,909 priests
1985 = 57,317 priests
1995 = 49,054 priests
2000 = 45,699 priests
2005 = 42,839 priests
2009 = 40,666 priests
2012 = 38,964 priests

Although the number of priests is decreasing in the United States, this does not mean that there is a need for married priests or women priests. As North America sent its surplus of priests as missionaries to evangelize Africa, India and other nations during the 1900's, now those countries will send missionaries to evangelize the United States and Canada.

As the liberal priests die of old age, they will be replaced by traditional Catholic priests who are loyal to the Vatican. Jesus is cleaning His House to make room for those who will serve Him faithfully in humility and obedience.

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