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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is a difference between a priestly vocation that is a calling from God versus one that is a job?

A. 1. A calling to a priestly vocation comes from God. It is a call to follow in the footstep of Jesus in love and teachings. It is a call to serve the people of God. It is a call to embrace with sincerity the vow of obedience to one's Bishop, and the vows of chastity and poverty (if applicable).

A calling comes from God. Such is recognized by the ongoing obsession from within to join the priesthood. The candidate is not a seeker of wealth and fame. Numerous signs are given to the person who is called, God speaking through others. It may consist of an unknown 10 years old who will ask the candidate if he is a priest or a 40 years old telling him that he would make a good priest. The little signs are persistent!

The candidate is free to answer or reject God's calling.

When we say that a priestly vocation is a job, it can mean a number of things. It may be because a person is a homosexual and he sees the priesthood as an alternative to living as a single person. Some may see the priesthood as a good career, good education, prestige, job security (never having to look for a job), an escape (not having to join the army, a mother pleaser (making a mother happy because she wants a priest in the family), an escape from poverty, and the list goes on...

None of these are a calling from God. The majority of these will not make good priests. They are the type of priests who are spiritually dry, who do not care about the salvation of the souls, who change the liturgy of the Mass, who reject one or more teachings of the Catholic Church, who turn confessionals into meeting rooms (facilitating sexual abuse)and who disobey their Bishop.

They are the type who promote heresies, who would rather celebrate Holy Mass during working hours versus evenings when the faithful are free to attend, who are horrible preachers, who will close their Church one or two days per week so they can take days off (from their job), who only work so many hours per week, who have no desire to find a replacement when their Church is closed, who forget to celebrate their daily Holy Mass, who place golf above service to God, and the list goes on...

The aforementioned is the reason why there is a shortage of priests in the United States and other English speaking countries. God is cleasing the Catholic Church of those who have infiltrated His House without a calling. At this time, He will not provide an abundance of younger priests because the older ones will corrupt them with their ways.

In time, the Church will prevail and it will shine before the world as it should shine. In the meantime, we must endure the pains (scandals) of the cleansing process. Praise be God in His almighty work!

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