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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What are God's Attributes? It is my understanding that there are 3 of them.

A. 1. There are a number of attributes that are associated with God. The Protestant Churches usually associate God with 3 attributes. Those are:

God is Omniscient

This means that God is all-knowing. Nothing is hidden from God.

God is Omnipotent

This mean that God is all-powerful. No one, in Heaven or on earth, is stronger than God.

God is Omnipresent

This means that God is present all over. No place is hidden from God.

Over and above the aforementioned attributes of God, the following ones are also associated with God:

God is Divine

Divinity surpasses what is human. God alone is Divine. Divine belongs to He who is Sacred and Supreme. The word Divine cannot and must not be associated with humans, nor the Blessed Virgin Mary. For God alone is Divine. False gods cannot be divine. For they do not share in God's attributes.

God is Immortal

God is eternal. He cannot die. He is the Alpha and the Omega. His past is eternal and His future will remain eternal.

God is Love

God is perfect Love. There is not one speck of hatred in Him. Because God is Love and love is made to be shared, God created heavenly and earthly beings with who to share His abounding Love.

God is Omnibenevolent

God enjoys perfect goodness. No goodness can surpass Divine goodness.

God is Life

God is Life. He is the source of all life on earth and in heaven. Through God, all life is sustainced.

God is Invisible

God the Father, the Divine consciousness of the Lord, is invisible. He is invisible in the sense that even before the first thing was created, God was formless. As an intellectual mental activity has no form, God the Father is formless.

God is Truth

God is perfect truth. In God, no lie is found. For perfect truth cannot deceive.

God is Immutable

Finally, God is unchangeable. Divine perfection cannot become better or worse. It is the ultimate perfection, such being unable to change.

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