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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Is it true that on Holy Saturday, Catholic priests are not allowed to celebrate Holy Mass? If so, why is that?

A. 1. Following Catholic Tradition, starting immediately after the Good Friday service, which represents the burial of Jesus, until the Easter Vigil on Saturday night, no Mass or communion takes place whatsoever on Holy Saturday.

On Holy Saturday, very little happens. Although it was abolished in the new Code of Canon Law, traditional Catholics consider Holy Saturday as a day of abstinence. The majority of Catholics consider it as a continuation of the Lenten fasting that ends with the Easter Vigil.

On Holy Saturday, the Tabernacle is left empty and open, this representing that Christ has died. The lamp or candle that usually stands next to the tabernacle is extinguished. The Consecrated Hosts are kept elsewhere, usually in the sacristy. There, you will find a lamp or candle burning before it.

In extremely grave or solemn situations, a Holy Mass can be celebrated on Holy Saturday after receiving a dispensation from the Vatican or the local Bishop. This rarely happens. It is so rare that most Catholics will never see this happen in their lifetime.

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