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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I have a question regarding Carmen Humphrey. It is said that she has the gift of healing hands. In the near future, she is coming to our Church (in the U.S.) to give a talk. Some of us are wondering if she is authentic, if she really has the gift of healing hands. On her website, she claims to have healed over 150 person in just one year. Have you ever heard of her and what can you tell me about her?

A. 1. First of all, I would like to make the following statements:

1.1 Carmen Humphrey lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. So do I.

1.2 Carmen Humphrey is bilingual, speaking fluently in French and Englihsh. So do I. Therefore, I clearly understand anything she says in either languages.

1.3 A few years ago, I met Carmen Humphrey and I have attended some of her Tuesday night meetings at her house. She is the friend of some of my friends who attend her Tuesday night meetings on a regular basis.


Before continuing on this matter, I would like to define the word "Miracle" as understood by the Catholic Church. It appears that there are some Catholics who do not know its meaning.

A miracle is a wonder that involves an extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers, this marvel being explicitly ascribed as a work of God. A miracle cannot be explained by natural laws. Sometimes, it is associated with a miracle worker.

The resurrection of Lazarus was a miracle. It is humanly impossible for the dead to rise. When a blind person suddenly sees, that is a miracle. When a deaf person hears, that is a miracle.


At Lourdes, France, where there has been claims of thousands of miracles since 1850, the Catholic Church has only recognized about 150 of those alleged miracles as being authentic. Those Lourdes miracles could not be explained by science and they were permanent healings. They were true acts of God Who changed the natural laws in order to grant a wonder that was beyond all explanations.


When someone has flu symptoms this week and they are gone next week, that IS NOT A MIRACLE. The body's immune system healed the body by natural means. When someone has a headache today and it is gone tomorrow, that IS NOT A MIRACLE. When someone has diarrhea or constipation today but feels better in a few days, that IS NOT A MIRACLE. When someone had cancer and was healed because he received treatment for it, because of the human preventive intervention that took place, the recovery IS NOT A MIRACLE.

Miracle are rare! They cannot be explained! Miracles are only recognized after a lengthy period of time!

To claim that flu symptoms, diarrhea, constipation and the likes are miracles is a gross mockery of the Church's definition of an authentic miracle. It a spiritual abuse of the faithful who are led to believe in falsehoods. It is a deception that should never be encouraged. In fact, its spreading should not be allowed in any Catholic Church in order to preserve the purity of Catholic teachings.


A few years ago, I attended some of Carmen Humphrey's Tuesday night prayer meetings at her house. Here, I will describe my experience related to two consecutive Tuesdays.

On the first Tuesday, we prayed the Rosary, some Chaplets (one being associated with a non-approved alleged site of Marian apparitions), and some commonly known prayers. There was general talk about the Virgin Mary, including the promotion of a non-approved alleged site of Marian apparitions. Then Carmen asked if anyone had any prayer intentions for which we prayed. The lady behind me mentioned that on this day, she had an upset stomach. After about 2 hours, the meeting ended.

On the second Tuesday, it was basically a repetition of the previous Tuesday. Carmen asked the lady behind me, who was present on the previous Tuesday, how her stomach was doing. The lady indicated that it was fine. Suddenly, Carmen raised her voice and said, "A MIRACLE, PRAISE GOD." She continued asking the different persons how they were doing, if their aches and pains were gone. Everytime someone said "Yes," she loudly shouted "A MIRACLE, PRAISE GOD."

Having personally witnessed authentic miracles in my life while working within the Church, I was disgusted with what I would call Carmen's false claims of miracles. Accordingly, I never went back to her meetings. Nor would I ever encourage anyone to go to her. It would be more beneficial for the faithful to go to their local Church and kneel before the Sacred Tabernacle, asking Jesus in His Real Presence, to provide them with the miracle that is being sought.

Knowing some of the people, a small group, who attend Carmen's Tuesday night meetings, I wish to share that some of these individuals have fallen seriously ill. One lady who has been attending the meetings for years, her husband was sick for years and finally died of cancer. Carmen's healing hands never helped this man, yet he was the husband of one of her best friends. Just recently, after a short illness, a religious sister died. I have no doubt that they prayed for her since she was well known to some members of the group. Carmen could not help her! Another lady is now in a home, seriously sick, her health have deteriorated during the past 2 years. Carmen has not been able to help her either!

The Gift of Healing Hands

It is my understanding that Carmen Humphrey's allegation of "healing hands" is self-proclaimed. There is no evidence whatsoever that the Catholic Church has given her that title.


On the Miracles webpage, it states: "Updated May, 2009."

"I kept a record of the bigger healings I saw at first. The first year I counted at least 150 healings. The miracles continued and after the fall of 98, I quit keeping record. There were countless others: cancers, headaches, relationships, flu symptoms, diarrhea, constipation, depressions, back pain. I have included some that I remember. I will try to keep this updated as I see more miracles.

I ask, based on the Catholic Church's definition of authentic miracles, where in the above statement do we find proof of only one miracle? Does Carmen not personally claims to have done "at least 150 healings?" Did she not say that she stopped keeping track after 1998? Also, did she not say that the above were the bigger healings that she saw at first? Has Carmen's own words not condemned her as being a fake? You be the judge! What she calls miracles, are they really miracles?


What follows is Carmen's own words regarding vision # 130 that she had on April 17, 2009.

I was at St Mary’s Church this morning for Mass. Right before communion, I said to Jesus: “With the help of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Jesus, come into the very centre of my being!”


I saw Jesus kneeling on his right knee, at first I didn’t know what He was doing. Then I saw him throw a rock down a long aisle, this was a curling rock, heavy and solid. I immediately saw the Blessed Virgin Mary with a curling broom, sweeping the path toward the end of the lane. The rock stopped at the very centre of the “house”. Exactly how I had asked. (Underlining is my emphasis.)

Thank you Jesus, for this beautiful vision. Thank you Mother Mary for guiding that rock to the centre."

Noting the underlined words, "Exactly how I had asked," Carmen implies that she asked for a vision associated with curling, exactly how she had asked, and it happened. Does this not imply that she has a creative imagination? Does this not imply that she can turn her creative imagination into visions, self-created visions? You be the judge! After all, I am only repeating her own words.


While Carmen only lives a few miles away from my house, I would not waste my time going to her residence in the hope of being healed by her hands. I do not believe that she has any vision of the blessed Virgin Mary any more than you have visions of her. I do not believe that she has the gift of healing anymore than your hands can heal those in need. Scientific research has proven that when people pray over the sick, there is a higher percentage of patients who improve or recover compared to those who receive no prayers. So if you and others gather to pray for the need of your loved ones, the likelihood is that there will be healing, even in the absence of Carmen Humphrey.

Do not waste your money to pay for the transportation of alleged seers and mystics to come and speak to your Church. As long as they are glorified (sin of pride) and receive free trips (sin of greed), they shall continue to insist that they are Divine instruments. On Judgment Day, you shall account to God for having promote falsehoods that endangered the faith of the believers.

Again I say unto you, "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there among them." [Mt. 18:20]

Focus on Jesus, not on Carmen!

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