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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. When a Catholic goes to Confession, does he have to confess all the details of his sins. For example, if he had an adulteress affair, does he have to provide all the details, including the name of the person with who he was involved?

A. 1. A penitent is required to confess the number of times and the classification of sins that he committed. For example, to answer your question more specifically, the man would confess something like this, "I committed adultery 6 times."

Catholics are instructed not to provide the details of their sins during the Sacrament of Confession. Such serves no purpose.

Once the above has been done, the penitent must then:

- show a sincere contrition for having sinned,

- promise to make restitution if the sin has harmed others,

- promise to avoid future sins and the occasions of sin, and

- carry out of the penance given to him by the priest. Such is usually the praying of a few prayers.

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