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Frequently Asked Questions
about keeping
in one's house.

Q. 1. I would like to set up a beautiful altar at my house so my family can pray in front of it. I would like to place a Tabernacle on it. I was wondering, how does one go about getting a Consecrated Host to keep in his house?

A. 1. The Catholic Church does not allow anyone to keep a Consecrated Host in his home.

Canon Law # 934 forbids the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament except in Tabernacles, and then only as authorized by the local bishop.

Canon Law # 935 forbids the carrying of the Blessed Sacrament on one's person, except as required by urgent pastoral need (e.g. Communion for the sick), and then in accordance with the precepts of the bishop.

When carrying the Blessed Sacrament to a sick person, priests and Eucharistic Ministers are not allowed to stop at their home for whatever reason. Taking communion to the sick means exactly that, without any side trips.

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