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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I came across a Novena prayer to Saint Jude. I had to promise that if my intention was answered by the end of the nine days, I would publish the Novena prayer with thanksgiving to Saint Jude. I cannot find a website that will mention that my intention was answered in order to promote the Novena prayer to Saint Jude. Can you tell me if such a website does exist?

A. 1. The publishing of one's answered prayer usually means to make public by putting into print, such as in a newspaper. Back in the 50's, a dozen or more of such ads would appear in the local daily newspaper. Because of the risen costs for placing a "thanksgiving" ad in local newspapers, many Catholics have turned to printing 100 copies of the Prayer Novena and distributing it through their local Church by leaving the printed material in the back of the Church.

If a website was to start accepting such thanksgivings to a number of saints, it would take a full-time person just to update the website on a daily basis. I do not know of anyone who is prepared to make that commitment, especially when the prayer stipulates to "publish", such being understood to mean "to put in print/paper."

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