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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Can you give me information about Eucharistic miracles, like, what are they, do they still happen, where do they happen and so on?

A. 1. A Eucharistic miracle is a miracle when, during consecration during the Catholic Mass, the bread and wine visibly become the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Catholics believe that when the priest pronounces the words of consecration, the bread and wine actually become the body and blood of Christ, but retain the outward appearance of bread and wine. This is called transubstantiation, and differs from most Protestant Eucharistic theologies, which believe that the sacramental elements are not physically transubstantiated. Some Catholics claim that Eucharistic miracles happen most often when people, mainly priests or monks, doubt the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. (Please visit Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for more details.

Throughout Christian history, our Lord has shown us that He is really present as the Blessed Sacrament. Interestingly, many Eucharistic miracles have occurred during times of weakened Faith. For instance, many Eucharist miracles have taken place as a result of someone doubting the Real Presence. Included on this page are descriptions of just a few of these miracles. All of them have received full approval by the Church. Click here to visit the webpage and to view the many pictures of the Eucharistic Miracle.

The following webpage will take you to the Eucharistic Miracle at Santarém, Fatima. Visit this webpage for the story of this miracle.

Click here to read about the Eucharistic miracle at Lanciano, Italy in the 8th Century A.D. You can also Click here to visit a second website that promotes the famous Lanciano Eucharistic miracle.

In North America, you can read about the Eucharistic miracle in Alberta, Canada by clicking on the link in this line. This true event is spiritually uplifting for those who are losing their faith in the Church.

Click here to learn about the Eucharistic miracle at Cascia, Italy.

If you want to learn of the many countries where Eucharistic miracles have happened, You have to Click here to visit Miracles by Country. (Go the bottom of the webpage.

If you want to learn more about Eucharistic miracles, go to google.com and type in "Eucharistic miracles. You will get 20,500 results to choose from.

Throughout the Old Testament, God promised that He would come and make His dwelling among His people. This promise has been fulfilled! God, through Jesus Christ, presently dwells in all the Sacred Tabernacles that are found the Catholic Church. So few perceive the miracle of His Real Presence. So few realize that when they go to Church to spend a few moments in adoration, they are in the physical presence of our Lord Jesus Christ Who dwells in the Tabernacles.

By the grace of God, may the Holy Spirit enlightened your mind so that you may perceive the richness of God's gift to you, the Real Presence of Jesus here on earth. Once you perceive this truth, you will never be the same.

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