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Catholic Doors Ministry
Catholic Answers to Catholic Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
regarding the Catholic Faith.

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Sackcloth, The

Sacrament & Bible: Baptism

Sacrament & Bible: Confirmation

Sacrament & Bible: Eucharist

Sacrament & Bible: Confession

Sacrament & Bible: Anointing of the Sick

Sacrament & Bible: Holy Orders

Sacrament & Bible: Matrimony

Sacraments Of Initiation

Sacraments Of The Church

Sacraments Of The Dead

Sacraments Of The Living

Sacraments, Purpose Of The

Sacraments, Rights Or Obligation?

Sacramental Character

Sacramental Grace

Sacramental Mark On The Soul

Sacramental: Miraculous Medal

Sacramental: The Palm

Sacramental: Scapular

Sacramental: Scapular: How Many Kinds?

Sacramental: Scapular: Cloth Versus Medal

Sacramentals, Benefits Obtained By The Use Of

Sacramentals, Categories Of

Sacramentals (Blessed Objects), Popular

Sacramentals (Blessed Objects), Selling of

Sacramentals? What Are

Sacrarium, The

Sacred Tradition

Sacred Vessels

Saint Joseph, Joys Of

Saint Joseph, Sorrows Of

Saint Joseph's Table

Saint Jude

Saint Nicholas / Santa Claus

Saint Paul, Apostle To The Gentiles

Saint, What Is A Patron

Sainthood Miracles

Sainthood, Steps To

Sainthood To Non-Catholics

Saints, Communion Of

Saints In Heaven

Saints, Number of

Saints Of The Old Testament

Saints Or Angels

Saints: Origin Of Their Title

Saints, Pictures Of

Saints, Praying To The


Salvation: Are You Saved?

Salvation: Catholic Teaching

Salvation, Defining

Salvation: Pope John Paul II

Same-Sex Unions

Satan's Names

Scapular (see Sacramental)


Schools, Catholic Children Attending Non-Catholic

Scripture Reading, Changing Of Gender Language

Scrutinies, The

Second Coming

Secret, Keeping A

Sedevacantist, A

Seraphic Blessing

Sex Before Marriage

Shemittah, The

Shrines: Sanctioned And Non-Sanctioned

Shroud Of Turin

Shrove Tuesday

Sign Of Peace

Sign Of Peace: Omission

Sign Of Peace: Priest Leaving The Sanctuary

Sign Of Peace: When During Mass?

Sign Of The Cross

Sign Of The Cross: Left Hand

Sign Of The Cross: Symbol


Sin, Accessory To Another's

Sin Of Dating

Sin Of Kissing

Sin, Occasion Of

Sin Of Parents Who Neglect Baptism Of Their Child

Sin of Simony

Sin Of Swearing

Sin, Social

Sin, Original

Sinning During Dreams

Sins, 9 Ways To Participate In Other's

Sins Against Charity

Sins Against Faith

Sins Against Hope

Sins Against The Holy Spirit

Sins Against The Sacrament Of Marriage

Sins, Capital

Sins Crying To Heaven For Vengeance

Sins, Deadly

Sins: Mortal And Venial

Sins: Mortal

Sins Of The Media, Three

Sins Only The Pope Can Forgive

Sins, Small And Large

Sister Churches

Slander Or Calumny

Society Of St Pius X (SSPX)

Society Of St Pius X (SSPX) - Confession

Society Of St Pius X (SSPX) - Marriage


Solemn Profession


Soul Is Genderless

Soul, Does It Ever Die?

Soul Mate

Spirits / Ghosts

Spiritual Dryness

Spiritual Exercises Of St. Ignatius Loyola

Spouse Church Attendance

Spouse Unfaithful

Stations Of The Cross

Stations Of The Cross Rosary

Stem Cell Research

Stigmata, The

Stole, Wearing Of The

Strike, Labour


Sunday Mass Collection: Purpose?

Sunday Mass, Is It Biblical?

Sunday Missal, The

Sunday Obligation

Sunday Obligation: Mass On Television

Sunday Obligation On Saturday Evening

Sunday Obligation Versus The "Liturgy Of The Word"

Sunday Obligation With SSPX

Sunday, Rose

Sunday, Working On

Sunday Worship (the Sabbath)

Supreme Law Of The Catholic Church

Swaddling Clothes

Swine Flu Precautions

"Swum The Tiber"

Symbol: Divine Pelican

Symbol: Dove

Symbol: Fish

Symbol: Lamb

Symbol: RIP

Symbol: XP


Synod Of Bishops

"Synoptic", Meaning Of The Term

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