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Catholic Answers to Catholic Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
regarding the Catholic Faith.

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2 Bible Testaments

2 Destroyed Cities

2 Great Commandments

2 James

2 Judgments

2 Kinds Of Priests

2 Kinds Of Priesthood

2 Popes As Secular Franciscans

2 Powers Of Confirmation

2 Rites: Communion Outside Of Mass

2 Sacraments Of The Dead

2 Supernatural Powers Of The Priest

2 Types Of Contrition

3 Baptism, Types Of

3 Callings of the Catholic

3 Chief Qualities Of A Good Confession

3 Conditions Of Mortal Sin

3 Days In The Belly (Jonah)

3 Degrees Of Grace

3 Divine Characteristics Of God

3 Duties Of The Ordained

3 Emminent Goods Works

3 Eucharist, Titles Of The

3 Evangelical Counsels

3 Forms of Human Knowledge In Jesus

3 Heavens

3 Holy Oils

3 Israel, Meaning Of...

3 Levels of Reverence

3 Marian Sacramentals

3 Meanings Of Fasting During Lent

3 Parts Of The Catholic Church

3 Pillars Of The Church Authority

3 Pillars (Traditional) Of Lent

3 Powers Of The Soul

3 Qualities Of True Contrition

3 Reasons Against Communion Under Both Kinds

3 Theological Virtues

4 Bible Steps To Spiritual Formation

4 Cardinal Virtues

4 Gospels In The Holy Bible

4 Last Things

4 Marks Of The Catholic Faith

4 Pillars Of The Catholic Faith

4 Purposes Of The Mass

4 Raising Of The Dead In The Bible

4 Sins Against Chastity

4 Sins That Cry Out To Heaven

4 Steps To Prepare For A Catholic Marriage

4 Steps To Sainthood

5 Effects Of The Sacrament Of Confession

5 Essentials Of A Good Confession

5 Herods

5 Husbands Of The Samaritan Woman

5 Precepts Of The Church

5 Reasons Why God Allows Temptations

5 Sacraments Of The Living

5 Sins Only The Pope Can Forgive

6 Corporal Works Of Mercy

6 Qualities Of The Angels

6 Sins Against The Holy Spirit

7 Capital Sins

7 Churches (In Revelation)

7 Days Of Creation

7 Deadly Sins

7 Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

7 Graces Of Mary

7 Joys Of Our Lady

7 Joys Of Saint Joseph

7 Last Words Of Jesus

7 Sacraments Of The Church

7 Sorrows (Dolours) Of Our Lady

7 Sorrows Of Saint Joseph

7 Spiritual Works Of Mercy

8 Beatitudes

9 Choirs Of Angels

9 Fruits Of The Holy Spirit

9 Ways To Participate In Other's Sins

10 Commandments

12 Apostles: Their Names

12 Tribes Of Israel

14 Holy Helpers

14 Stations Of The Cross

16 Vatican II Documents

18 Small Scapulars Approved By The Church

20 Mysteries Of The Rosary (Towards The Bottom Of The Page)

36 Miracles Of Jesus

40 Days Of Lent

40 Parables Of Jesus

44 Sins Against The Sacrament Of Marriage

50 Days of Easter

73 Biblical Books

613 Jewish Commandments

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