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Catholic Answers to Catholic Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
regarding the Catholic Faith.

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Magi, The

Magic And Sorcery

Magisterium, The

Mandatum, A

Manger Scene

Mardis Gras

Marian Apparitions

Marian Feast, What Is A

Marian Feast, Why So Many?

Marian Theology


Marks Of The Catholic Faith

Marriage: Adulteress Affair

Marriage And Impotence

Marriage Annulment

Marriage Annulment Changes: September, 2015

Marriage Annulment: Dating While Waiting

Marriage Annulment, First Step Of The

Marriage Annulment Process

Marriage Annulment Reasons

Marriage: Annulment Versus Divorce

Marriage Annulment, When To Apply For An

Marriage Annulled Without Consent

Marriage At A Cathedral

Marriage, Attending A Justice Of The Peace

Marriage, Attending A Protestant

Marriage, Attending Same Sex

Marriage, Banns Of

Marriage Before A J.P. By Catholics

Marriage Before A J.P. By Non-Baptised

Marriage Before Witnesses

Marriage, Best Friend In

Marriage Between Cousins

Marriage By Proxy

Marriage: Children's Access To Both Parents

Marriage: Common Law Relationship

Marriage Convalidation

Marriage Defined

Marriage: Divorce

Marriage During Lent And Advent

Marriage, Effects Of The Sacrament Of

Marriage: Exchange Of Rings

Marriage: Giving Away The Bride

Marriage, Homosexual

Indissolubility Of Marriage, The

Marriage: Intention For Children

Marriage, Mix

Marriage, Non-Sacramental Catholic

Marriage On A Cruise Ship

Marriage: Open To Procreation

Marriage Outside The Church Building

Marriage: Pauline Privilege

Marriage: Prenuptial Agreement

Marriage, Proper Location For A Catholic

Marriage, Purpose

Marriage, Radical Sanation

Marriage, Raising The Child As A Catholic In A Mix-

Marriage: Ratum Tantum

Marriage: Ratum Et Consummatum

Marriage: Relative

Marriage, Same Sex

Marriage: Separation

Marriage, Sex Before

Marriage, Steps To Prepare For A Catholic

Marriage: Tribunal

Marriage, Validity Of A Protestant

Marriage Vows

Marriage: While pregnant

Marriage: While pregnant: Short Dress

Marriage: White Wedding

Married Priests

Married Priests: Disadvantages


Mary: Assumption of

Mary As Virgin

Mary: Blessed

Mary, Devotion To

"Mary, Did You Know?" (Song)

Mary: End Of Her Earthly Life

Mary: Marian Dogmas

Mary, Mother of Blessed Virgin

Mary: Mother of God

Mary, Name Of

Mary: Parents Of

Mary: Pray to Mary

Mary's Mantle

Mary, Seat Of Wisdom

Mary Magdelene

Mass, Active Duty

Mass, Additions During

Mass, Age Children Should Attend

Mass And Electronic Devices

Mass, Applause During

Mass, Baptism During

Mass: Behaviour

Mass, Black

Mass, Breast Feeding During

Mass Card

Mass Celebration: Location

Mass: Changing The Words

Mass, Clapping Hands During

Mass Conclusion: Announcements

Mass, Dancing During

Mass Dispensation

Mass: Dress Code

Mass For The Souls Of Non-Catholics

Mass, Gold

Mass: "Good Morning"

Mass: Holding Hands

Mass In Latin: Reasons

Mass On All Souls' Day

Mass On Television

Mass, Moments Of Silent During

Mass: Non-Catholic Participants

Mass: None On Holy Saturday

Mass, Nuptial

Mass, Penitential Rite During

Mass, Purposes Of The

Mass, Red

Mass, Rose

Mass: Saturday Night Validity

Mass: Saturday Reading

Mass: Shortage Of Hosts

Mass, Silence Before

Mass: Sunday Obligation

Mass: Sunday Obligation: Cut-off age

Mass Stipends

Mass Stipends: Daily Maximum

Mass Stipends For Novenas

Mass Stipends: Private Or Public

Mass, Where To Go To

Mass, White


Material For Sale

Maudy Thursday

Meat In Catholic Restaurants


Medjugorje: Cause Of Division

Melchizedek, Order Of

Memento Of The Dead

Memento Of The Living





Michael Versus Satan


Mind Of The Church

Miracles Of Jesus

Miraculous Medal (see Sacramental)

Missal, The

Missal, The Sunday

"Mission" defined

"Mission Mail"

Mixed Marriage & Divorce



Most Visited Catholic Sites

Moto Propio

Motto: "It Is Not Written."

Mouse Cursors

Mt. 24:34/Lk. 21:32

Murder, When It Is Acceptable

Murder, When Killing Is

Muslim Beliefs



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