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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What are the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding cell phones in Church? Are they allowed? I would like to keep mine in my possession in case of an emergency and the babysitter having to call me.

A. 1. While there are no official instructions from the Catholic Church regarding the bringing of cell phones in Church, most priests would tell you that your cell phone does not belong in the Church. Leave it in your car!

On an average of three times per week, every priest is disrupted by the ringing of cell phones during the celebration of a service. They ring during Mass. They ring during the Consecration. They ring during the homily. They ring during funerals. They even ring during televised Masses. And some people just let their cell phone ring and ring and ring. Then they wonder why the priest gets upset during the homily and yells at them to turn off their cell phone. Anyone who takes their cell phone into the Church during the celebration of a service and leaves it "on" so it can disrupt the service, such a person should be banned from the Church. They are totally disrespectful toward God, towards the priest and towards the faithful who are attending the service. If their cell phone is more important than their worshipping time with God, then they should stay home and wait for their cell phone to ring.

Cell phones have no place in Church, no matter the excuse. Your parents had no cell phone in their days and they survived without them. Your grandparents had no cell phone in their days and they too survived without them.

Cell phones are a tool of Satan to disrupt worshipping time. Satan will inspire someone to call you when it is most inconvenient and embarrassing. Who are you going to cooperate with? God or Satan?

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