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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is the meaning of Baptism by infusion?

A. 1. In the Latin Rite, the faithful are baptised by "infusion" which literally means "pouring." The term "baptism by infusion" is rarely used among the faithful.

The association between "pouring" and "infusion" is that when you pour the living water over the candidate to be baptised, it is the infusion of the Holy Spirit that takes place.

A study of the early Church will quickly reveal that the early martyrs were frequently baptised in prisons where infusion (pouring) or aspersion (sprinkling) were the only way that the Sacrament of Baptism could be administered.

While immersion was popular in the early days of the Church, it became necessary to adopt infusion (pouring) in the case of the sick and dying because immersion was impossible to administer in many cases. During that time frame, infusion (pouring) and aspersion (sprinkling) received the name of "Baptism of the Sick" (baptismus clinicorum).

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