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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Is there such a list of the type of Godparents a person does not want. I hear of friends who made the mistake of choosing Godparents for the wrong reason, consequently their child being left without an involved Godmother and Godfather? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

A. 1. There is no official list of the type of Godparents that a person does not want. At the same time, listening to your relatives and friends, it is easy to compile a list from their negative experience related to Godparents. As a general rule it can be said that you do not want a Godparent that:

is a friend of the past, nothing else,
will be by name only, never around,
will try to replace the parent,
never follows through on personal commitments,
is a rich gift giver,
is the preaching type who will alienate the child,
lives out of town or in another country,
is living a secretive scandalous life,
practices birth control,
practiced the Catholic faith on and off over the years,
does not accept in some of the Catholic doctrines,
is contemplating changing religion, and/or
dislikes children.

There is no doubt that there are other reasons than what is listed above. It is best to move forward with prudence in order to avoid future stress related to having an undesirable Godparent.

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