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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Is it true that "Once a Godparent, always a Godparent?"

A. 1. As sad a situation as it is to many, yes, once a Godparent, always a Godparent. You cannot get out of bed one day and say "I had enough. I am getting another Godparent for my child." The two Godparents (if applicable), a Godmother and a Godfather, (one of each gender) are the permanent Godparents of your child as reflected on the Certificate of Baptismal when the Sacrament of Baptism took place.

Because of the permanent status of this special spiritual function, parents of children to be baptised are advised to think carefully as to who they want as Godparents. This is not just a fly by night decision. This is a decision that will affect the children for the rest of their lives. The Godparent is the person with who you will have to work regarding the spiritual upbringing of your child.

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