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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. How many Eastern Catholic Churches are in communion with the Roman Catholic Church?

A. 1. There are 23 Churches that are in Communion with the Roman Catholic Church. They are those of the

Alexandrian liturgical tradition:

• Coptic Catholic Church (patriarchate): Cairo, [Population: 163,849], Egypt,

• Eritrean Catholic Church (metropolia): Asmara, [Population: 155,000] Eritrea,

• Ethiopian Catholic Church (metropolia): Addis Ababa, [Population: 208,093], Ethiopia.

West Syrian, including Malankara, liturgical tradition (which is part of Antiochene Rite):

• Maronite Church (patriarchate): Bkerke, [Population: 3,105,278], Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Syria, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Australia, Canada, France, Mexico.

• Syriac Catholic Church (patriarchate): Beirut, [Population: 131,692], Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, United States and Canada, Venezuela.

• Syro-Malankara Catholic Church (major archepiscopate): Trivandrum, [Population: 412,640], India, United States.

Armenian liturgical tradition:

• Armenian Catholic Church (patriarchate): Beirut, [Population: 375,182], Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Palestinian Authority, Ukraine, France, Greece, Latin America, Argentina, Romania, United States, Canada, Eastern Europe.

Chaldean or East Syrian liturgical tradition:

• Chaldean Catholic Church (patriarchate): Baghdad, [Population: 418,194], Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, United States,

• Syro-Malabar Catholic Church (Major Archepiscopate): Ernakulam - Anagamaly, [Population: 4,602,089], India, Middle East, United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia/

Constantinopolitan (Byzantine) liturgical tradition:

• Albanian Catholic Church (apostolic administration): [Population: 3,510], Albania,

• Belarusian Catholic Church (no established hierarchy at present): [Population: 10,000], Belarus,

• Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church] (apostolic exarchate): Sofia, [Population: 10,107], Bulgaria,

• Byzantine Church of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro (an eparchy and an apostolic exarchate): Križevci, Ruski Krstur [Population: 21,480] + [Population: 22,653], Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro,

• Greek Byzantine Catholic Church (two apostolic exarchates): Athens, [Population: 2,325], Greece, Turkey,

• Hungarian Greek Catholic Church (an eparchy and an apostolic exarchate): Nyνregyhαza, [Population: 290,000], Hungary,

• Italo-Albanian Catholic Church (two eparchies and a territorial abbacy): [Population: 63,240], Italy (Never separated),

• Macedonian Catholic Church (an apostolic exarchate): Skopje, [Population: 11,491], Republic of Macedonia,

• Melkite Greek Catholic Church (patriarchate): Damascus, [Population: 1,346,635], Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Brazil, United States, Canada, Mexico, Iraq, Egypt and Sudan, Kuwait, Australia, Venezuela, Argentina,

• Romanian Church United with Rome (major archiepiscopate): Blaj, [Population: 776,529] Romania, United States,

• Russian Catholic Church (two apostolic exarchates, at present with no published hierarchs): Russia, China; currently about 20 parishes and communities scattered around the world, including five in Russia itself, answering to bishops of other jurisdictions,

• Ruthenian Catholic Church (a sui juris metropolia, an eparchy, and an apostolic exarchate): Uzhhorod, Pittsburgh, [594,465], United States, Ukraine, Czech Republic,

• Slovak Catholic Church (metropolia and an eparchy): Prešov, [Population: 243,335], Slovakia, Canada,

• Ukrainian Catholic Church (major archiepiscopate): Kiev, [Population: 4,223,425], Ukraine, Poland, United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany and Scandinavia, France, Brazil, Argentina.

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