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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Someone told me that the American Catholic Hospitals practice contraception. Is that true?

A. 1. I believe this is a reference to a recent article that appeared in the media where it stated:

"In the United States, Catholic hospitals are allowed to administer fast-acting oral contraceptives to rape victims if tests show ovulation has not yet occurred and the effect is not to induce an abortion. Germany’s bishops confirmed a similar stance in 2013."
As is clearly stated, this practice is not an abortion, nor a form of birth control. It is a measure that prevents conception from taking place when it is clear that ovulation (conception) has not already taken place.

The use of fast-acting oral contraceptives in cases of rape do not conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church where it is forbidden to use ontraceptives in a family union to avoid having children.

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