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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. Can my child have my two best Protestant friends as Godparents?

A. 1. No, your child cannot have your two best Protestant friends as Godparents. Your child may have one of them if the following applies.

A Godparent, synonym to "Sponsor", is the person who makes the profession of faith for the person being baptised. A Solemn baptism requires godparents. The godparent assumes an obligation to instruct the child in the Catholic faith in the event of the death or neglect of the parents, in order to fulfill the baptismal promises. Being a godparent creates a spiritual relationship that is recognized in ecclesiastical law.

A Protestant cannot swear to raise a child in the Catholic faith when he/she is not familiar with, nor practices, the Catholic faith.

In the event that there is only one Catholic Godparent available, the second person, of the opposite gender, can be a "Christian Witness." A "Christian Witness" can be a Protestant friend.

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