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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What is salubong?

A. 1. Salubong is an Easter Sunday pre-dawn ceremony that reenacts the Risen Christ's meeting with His mother.

In the Philippines, on the morning of Easter Sunday, statues of the risen Christ and of the blessed mother are carried through town in two separate processions. The participants in the procession are segregated by gender. The men and boys follow the image of Jesus Christ, while the women and girls follow the image of the sorrowful mother, shrouded in a black mourning veil.

The two groups arrive at a designated meeting place in the Church, usually in the front of the Church, where a little girl dressed as an angel removes the black mourning veil from the statue of Mary. The two statues come from the different sides of the street at which time the parishioners dance, jump up and down, clap their hands, make loud cheers and sing hymns. Such jubilation is followed by ringing bells, fireworks and the joyous Easter Mass celebration. This religious ceremony is celebrated in many parishes in the United States that serve the Philippino community.

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