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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. I am Catholic and I will soon marry my boyfriend who is Baptist. We have been discussing the upbringing of our children. We feel that our children should be raised as both, Catholic and Baptist, rotating which Church they attend on Sunday. Do you have any comments on this approach?

A. 1. Children who are raised in two faiths and left to choose which one they prefer when they turn 18, usually choose none and practice no faith. What you are doing, you are telling each child to choose between mom and dad's religion, taking side with one parent. Such is not acceptable.

Secondly, in mix-marriage situation, your spouse is asked to promise that your child will be raised in the Catholic faith. Such is reaffirmed when the child is baptised. Having made this promise before God, you are bound to raise the child(ren) in the Catholic faith.

In the spirit of ecumenism, to educate the child(ren), you may wish to have them visit the Baptist Church during a service. Such should not be a substitute for the Sunday obligation of attending Holy Mass.

In conclusion, as a Catholic, you have an obligation to raise your children in the Catholic faith, without exceptions or excuses. The salvation of their soul depends on you planting the seed of spirituality that will guide them to Jesus.

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