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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. If the Catholic Church says that nothing supernatural has been proven at an apparition site, does that mean that the Church has not been able to prove it, althought there may be supernatural events taking place?

A. 1. Our present generation, beginning with the 1980's, has been corrupted by perverted Catholics who have embraced the motto, "It is not written."

By this motto I mean, if the Catholic Church, up to its highest authority in the Vatican says, "Nothing supernatural has been proven," those who pervert the truth will say "It does not mean that nothing supernatural happened. They just have not been able to prove it."

This is like going to Court and the Judge says, "The accused is released because the prosecution could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty." The public reacts by saying, "He is guilty. It just has not been proven."

As the people no longer shows respect for the authority of the Courts, it shows no respect for the authority of the Catholic Church in its decision making process. Such is a perverted people. These individuals will not submit themselves to anyone's final judgment, not even to God who is represented by the Church.

Because of this form of corruption, the re-writing of words that serve the purpose of a selected few, the planting of doubt, the seed of Satan, is placed in the mind of the faithful. They no longer know who or what to believe. The alleged apparitions of Medjugorje are a perfect example of this kind of perversion that has divided the Catholic Church.

These perverted individuals play the same game with the liturgy of the Mass. They hold hands during the praying of the Lord's Prayer. When they are told that they should not embrace this Protestant behaviour, they state: "It does not say in the rubrics that we cannot do it." The purpose of the rubric is to mention what can be done and how it should be done. Its purpose is not to list the million possibilities of what cannot be done. If it is not mentioned in the rubrics, IT IS FORBIDDEN. It is as simple as that! According to the perverters of the faith, if it is not mentioned, then it can be done. They embrace the motto, "It is not written."

Catholics are called to unite in obedience to the head of the Church. They are called to put aside every fad that perverts the rich liturgy of the Church. If it written, obey it! If it is not written, stay away from it! For such is not of God. Only Satan seeks to divide.

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