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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1. What should I wear when attending a Catholic funeral? Is black still the color for funerals?

A. 1. Nowadays it is acceptable to wear different colors to funerals. While such is acceptable, many would be disturbed if they saw you dressed in clothing that is of a different color than the tradition. Traditionally, the best color to wear for funerals has been black. This is the way of demonstrating respect for the most critical moments of the lives of family members and friends.

As white is the color for marriages, black is the color to express one's sorrow, a traditional sign of mourning and grief in the Western culture. This good custom should be maintained.

For males, members and non-members of the family, they should wear a black suit, black tie, white shirt and black shoes to the funeral Mass.

The woman should also dress in black. Preferably she should not be wearing any jewelry or it should be discrete. Some widows, mothers and daughters of the deceased person continue to wear mourning veils at the funeral to protect them from curious glances during their time of distress.

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